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Intuitive Essence

Tangible Magic

Tangible Magic

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Tangible Magic

p u r e fume

The dream manifest tangibly

Scent Notes:

  • French Lavender 
  • Bergamot
  • Sweet Orange
  • Neroli
  • White Tea
This oil is truly a nature spa in a bottle. Filled with the pure essential oils of some of my favorite plants this calming and slightly zesty combination is a treat for the skin and nervous system alike.
Aromatic World: Tangible Magic is a perfume designed to represent one of the three primes of alchemy, this one being salt. T h e b o d y The physical yet ephemeral notion of our corporeal form holding the immense magic of the elements that make up all of life.
T h e b o d y that holds the spirit, and the spirit that stirs the soul.
Perfume with a purpose: Tangible Magic is a body prayer to feel reverence embodied. Fully human, fully divine.
For the Water element of feeling see: The Mirror
For the Fire element of activation see: Invisible Prayer
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