About us

Welcome to our sensual world of aromatic alchemy. 
  • a magical process of transformation, creation, or combination.
Intuitive Essence is an apothecary dedicated to embodiment through the olfactory art. We blend together threads of myth, astrology, perfumery, and herbalism to form inspiring aromatic landscapes that allow the wearer to imprint intention.
We are enamored with the way all life is connected. We see it in how the sense of smell so acutely evokes feelings, how our feelings call forth memories, and how memories forge meaning in our lives. Through this sensory awareness, embodiment becomes second nature.
With a dedication to high quality ingredients, local collaboration, and the healing arts, Intuitive Essence crafts sensory tools for your deepest embodiment. 
With three deep breaths, this is the scent of our most sensual wish coming true.