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Rose Water Hydrosol

Rose Water Hydrosol

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Gorgeous organic rose water hydrosol spritz for your face and hair. Hydrosol is the floral water created from steam distillation. This water contains essential oils but not nearly as concentrated, making it safe for frequent use. Mixed with witch hazel for ultra face toning capabilities. Rose is the highest frequency of all the flowers; her power for beauty goes skin deep and penetrates the loving heart for an inner beauty that exudes outward to the world. Connect with the rose for the feminine qualities of the bloom, and strong boundaries of the thorn.


This rose water is the ethereal nectar from venus herself.

If you want glowing, gorgeous, and ph balanced skin incorporate this hydrating mist into your skincare routine and see for yourself!

It is in our jurisdiction to tell you that calling on rose for all of your beauty needs, goes far beyond the skin.

Energetic medicine: The rose is the Queen of Flowers. She is heart centering, calming, balancing and boundary holding (psst don’t forget the thorns!) It is with great honor that we can trust the medicine of rose to spritz our skin, drink as tea, wear as perfume and so much more. When we honor the rose, we honor a lineage of women that have held the secrets of our natural world near to their hearts.

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