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Nourishing Scalp Oil

Nourishing Scalp Oil

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Nourishing carrier oils of Jojoba and Grapeseed infused with a high concentration of:

  • Lavender
  • Rosemary
  • Thyme
  • Atlas Cedarwood

These pure and therapeutic grade essential oils plus organic base oils stimulate and invigorate the scalp for healthy hair and skin.

Use daily for support in treating alopecia or hair loss.

Use Weekly for quickened hair growth. Use monthly for scalp up keep, healthy and shiny.

To use : Evenly distribute about a palms worth of oil directly on the scalp. Wet a wash cloth with warm water and place it over the head. Oil is hydrophobic and will move away from the wash cloth and be absorbed into the hair follicles for best results. Wrap the hair, sleep, and wash out in the morning. This is for maximum absorption and to avoid that oil slick look of the hair after this treatment. 

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