Welcome to the Aries Portal

for The Intuitive Essences Subscription Box

Aries season marks the beginning of the wheel of the Zodiac

Harnessing fiery Aries energy::

-Act on your gut feeling
-Practice saying no when it’s not an absolute yes
-Find healthy ways to express your anger
-Move your bod
-Feel your heartbeat
We made it to the Zodiacal new year and what a time it is. Sending you all so much warrior goddess energy!

May you be fierce and kind, authentic and real, no matter the circumstance.

Scenter Yourself with the fragrance notes of the Aries Essence:
Smooth Tobacco
Pinch of cinnamon
Light vanilla
Dreamy musk
🔍think powerful, yet delicate. Spicy, yet calming🔎

<Turn heads, break free, start your own fires and intend to tend them.>

The Aries fragrance lets you tap into this energy
Bless bless bless the fire!

What's in your box?

Aries Essence ~ Anoint with intention and wear throughout the season to bring in passion and assertiveness!

Spring Hydrosol ~ Facial tonic to balance and sooth the skin. You might receive Rose, Lavender or Cedar! To use: Spray on clean skin, let it air dry, then apply moisturizer for a glow unlike any other. 

Invisible Prayer This is one of three Trinity Collection oils. Connected to the element of fire, and the human spirit. OR Liquid Pixie Potion ~ a perfume to enhance your psychic prowess

Beeswax Meditation Candle ~A candle to light for your movement mediation, journal time, dinner time, or any spiritual/functional ritual you choose. The theme here is the FIRE of beginnings. Consider lighting this candle for the Lunar Eclipse.


Mini Look into your Astro chart:

The first house on the wheel of the zodiac is ruled by the planet Mars.
♈️ look to your first house to understand how you approach the world~The 1st house is your identity, and how you meet life! (((The sign of your first house is your ascendant/rising sign)))

It is said to be the most powerful house in your chart as it ⭐️symbolizes you!⭐️

♈️Tap into Aries and the planet Mars♈️
In your birth chart look for what planets were moving through the constellation of Aries when you were born this is where you are bold and JUMP into life!

Now look to the planet Mars to get a feel for how to deal with matters of passion, aggression, and sex 🔥 Imagine Mars shows you what you are protecting fiercely. this is your boldness and spark to alight this season!

Question to meditate on:
✨What’s your inner spark?✨

Plan at lease one step in the direction of fanning this spark into a flame for your most joyous, meaningful life. 


An Aries Movement Performance Offering 

This is an offering for you to immerse in the energy of the season. Anoint yourself with the Aries oil that arrived in your box and click the link below.


Some monthly practices to muse inside this seasons gifts: