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Time to indulge in Taurus energy: Earthy + Sensual, as in all the sensory delights of spring enrapturing you in their sweet embrace. 

Element: Earth

Planet: Venus. In Greek myth, Persephone returns to the upper world and heralds spring, bestowing flowers and new growth. Venus is the domain of flowers, beauty and perfume!

Color: Green, like the sprouting earth and the vines that crawl all over this beautiful land.

Day of the Week: Friday or Venus day (Freyja like Friday is the most celebrated Norse goddess). 

Dedicate this day to Venus by flirting with her: spend a little more time dressing up in honor of the goddess (don't forget to add perfume!) Also a great day to have a goddess ritual. 

Symbol:  ♀ The circle of sprit placed above the cross of earth. 

Ritual: Feet to earth dance ~to awaken and participate in the fertility of nature. Sing with abandon ~see what comes out. Offerings to the goddess Venus include flowers, milk and honey. Tune in and ask what the goddess may want for certain personal offerings to be revealed. 

Oils: Patchouli, Rose, Honeysuckle. 

Herbs: Red Raspberry (reproductive health), Vervain (Sedative and mood lifter). 


Scenter Yourself with the fragrance notes of the Taurus Essence:

Sweet Honeysuckle
Lively Geranium
Tart Green Tea
Peppery Sandalwood


Smells of the wet soil of spring, with flowers blooming and a fresh breeze of opportunity wafting through.

Time to plant and tend the idea-seeds that came burning though during Aries season! Unlike Aries, Taurus favors the slow steady, nourishing pace of care. Offer a timeless space to tend your dream garden, physical or metaphorical. Pick one day this Taurus season to follow this pulse. Sit into the back-body, feel the back of the heart, and rest.

Musings on the Beauty Way

It is more than leaving a place more beautiful than you found it, yet it is very much that too. It is the vow to create beauty and harmony through the heart in thought, word and action. This especially when it is not easy, and when you are wronged. The goddess is fierce, but always kind. Venus says:

"The opposite of aesthetic is, anesthetic" 

What's in your box?

Taurus Essence~ Anoint with intention on the sacral area, inner elbows and even your feet! Wear this essence throughout the season to bring in sensuality and beauty to all that you do!

Lemongrass Hydrosol ~ Mood lifter and energy reset. Spray on clean skin, let it air dry, then apply moisturizer. Spritz for skin hydration, cooling or energy clearing around and on the body. Imagine the smokey and citrus nature of this oil sheds light on the darkness for you to send love. 

Return to Source ~ This is one of four aSCENTion oils. Connected to the heart center. Anoint yourself to realign with decision making, kindness and the sensuality of flowers bursting in the thickness of a rainforest. 


Mini Look into your Astro chart:


The second house on the wheel of the zodiac is ruled by Taurus. Look to your second house to understand how you approach physical wealth and abundance~The 2nd house is your prosperity, and how you create it. 

Tap into Taurus and the planet Venus.
In your birth chart look for what planets were moving through the constellation of Taurus when you were born; this is where you have a powerful will, stubbornness and seek the luxurious and comfortable approach.

Now look to the planet Venus to get a feel for how you deal with matters of art, values, and love


How you love, see beauty, and how you value art. This is your time to channel patience and persistence to garner deeper self-worth and net-worth. 

Question to meditate on:
‚ú®What makes me feel prosperous?‚ú®

ūüĆÄWhat seeds am I tending?ūüĆÄ

ÔĽŅPractice Offering

Plan at least one day to muse and mosey about your day, tending to the dreams that are calling your heart, wearing your favorite clothes and making more beauty in your world. 

A Taurus Improvisational Sound Offering

This is an offering for you to immerse in the energy of the season. Anoint yourself with the Taurus oil that arrived in your box, light a candle on your alter, and click the link below. 


Thank you for being here and I hope you love activating the Taurus in your chart this season! 

love ūüĆĻ ,

Your fave Scentress