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From seed tending to spring blooming, let this season of Gemini blossom ideas of new.

Scenter Yourself with the fragrance notes of the Gemini Essence:

Zesty Ginger
Charming Lemon
Soft Lily
Grounding Sandalwood


Smells of flirty champagne, a lively conversation, and a head in the clouds with light feet on the ground

Time to dream up the garden, as the seeds and flowers of Aries and Taurus season culminate to this last hurrah of spring, in Gemini season. What in your life will take center stage? Which ideas want to be taken to the next level? So much is popping up in the field/garden/mind/schedule, make sure to honor the vision with careful boundaries and intentional time for self. 

Gemini/Mercury Key Points

Element: Air

 Modality: Mutable

Planet: Mercury. Half the size of the Earth, Mercury is the fastest moving planet making a full revolution every 88 days!

Mythology: In Greek myth Mercury is also called Hermes Trismegistus (thrice greatest), a clever trickster, an inventor, and the messenger of the gods. In Egypt he is known as Thoth, the source of Hermetic writings. He communicates ideas from the upper realms to earth and back. He rules over astronomy, astrology, medicine, the alphabet, magic and alchemy.

Color: Golden and bright yellow, like the light of consciousness and solar power.

Day of the Week: Wednesday. In French, Mercredi, in Spanish, Miércoles sounds more phonetically related. A day auspicious for commerce, communicating, writing and even the alphabet. If honoring Mercury with a ritual, Wednesday is perfect. 

Honor Gemini and Mercury by coming back to this day every week to deepen and expand the ideas you are brewing. Speak them out loud to the universe and listen closely for the answers.  

Symbol:   The circle of spirit over the cross of earth with a chalice of wisdom. Very similar to the symbol for Venus, this symbol indicates intersex, trans-gender, and non-binary gender. A symbol once used for insects and flowers that were neither male nor female or hermaphroditic. The symbol for Mercury is also the caduceus, a staff intertwined with two serpents. As per relation to alchemy, no wonder the modern use of this symbol is a medical symbol: 

Metal: Quicksilver. Change form, be unpredictable, expect the unexpected.

Body: Gemini and Mercury rules over everything in twos on the body. Work with the hands to calm the mind 🤲🏼. If our bodies are restless take space to calm the mind in nature. If our mind is restless, stretch and feel the body with loving awareness. 

Oils: Ginger, Sweet Birch, Chamomile. 

Herbs: Green Tea, Black Pepper, Eucalyptus

What's in your box?

Gemini Essence ~ Anoint with intention on the solar plexus, inner elbows and throat! Wear this essence throughout the season to bring in fresh perspective, and evoke the power of articulation. 

Lavender + Marigold Hydrosol ~ Harvested and distilled on the last new moon in Taurus, this scent is invigorating and holds within, the erotic pulse of spring. Spray on clean skin, let it air dry, then apply moisturizer. Spritz for skin hydration, cooling or energy clearing around and on the body. Visualize the purple and golden hue of spring flowers waking your life force energy to new heights. 

Etheric Body ~ This is one of four aSCENTion oils. Connected to the aura or energy body. Anoint yourself to reset and reconnect the emotions and ideas that live within your field.

Century of Magic: A perfume for time travel. 🧳 Enter the opulence of the 1920’s with the flare of the 2020’s. An antiquarian aroma of a vintage library next to an herb garden. 

Seeds from my garden to yours! Plant and nourish for the pollinators, to make tea, or adorn in a bouquet. 

Ritual Suggestion  

Begin by setting the space with your sacred items of choice. No matter what they are, name them out loud and honor them. Feel into the letters that make up these words, the words that make us understand the object and the object that holds our meanings within. Once the space is set with elemental pieces (a candle, water, earth and a feather, or something to represent air) open your journal.

Make three spaces to muse and write freely. Some examples might be: relationships, mid-year reflections, health, goals, love, passion, joyfulness, pains, business ideas, changes, or even fantastical stories meant to tickle your mind.

As a challenge to the fleeting and ephemeral energy of this season, make at least 5 minutes to return to these writings to update, elucidate, or rewrite each week. 

BONUS: Take your most beloved musings to the sky. Share your ideas and wishes with the stars on a clear night and understand their twinkling as a communicative response. 


Musings on Alchemy

Transformation happens every single day within our bodies, autonomically and naturally: digestion, assimilation of food, even breathing. If it is so innate to change one thing into another, why not enlist this ancient practice for the growth and benefit of our lives and beyond? No matter is created or destroyed; if we think and feel something is in need of change, our voices are catalysts to utilize that something as an ingredient to create something new. If we feel stagnancy in relationships, honest communication can open doors of newfound connection. In this rawness of our truth may we find our own unique voice. 

Alchemy is everywhere. You are the alchemist. 


Mini Look into your Astro chart:


The third house on the wheel of the zodiac is ruled by Gemini. Look to your third house to understand your self-expression and how you communicate.

Tap into Gemini and the planet Mercury.
In your birth chart look for what planets were moving through the constellation of Gemini when you were born; this is likely a place of multifaceted, and adaptable energy.

Now look to the planet Mercury and the sign it lands in to get a feel for your style of communication.

👁️ 🪽 👁️ 

How do you communicate, share and express your self? This is your time to let your mind dream up all the ideas. But don't forget to write them down for editing. 

Question to meditate on:
✨What am I a voice for?✨

🌀What topics endlessly inspire me?🌀

P r a c t i c e Offering

Catalize this season by indulging in the conversations, knowledge and inquiries that peak your interest the most. Seek out chat rooms, meet-ups and outings that stimulate your mind. Don't forget to take notes for later, when inspiration dips.    

Thank you for being here and I hope you love playing the trickster in this Gemini season! 

love 🌹 ,

Your fave Scentress