Welcome to the Pisces Portal

for The Intuitive Essences Subscription Box

Pisces season marks the end of the wheel of the Zodiac


Inevitably we begin again. Is it death or birth? It’s both. It’s cyclical and luminous.

Within the pauses amongst this energy, I take stock:
🌓What are my triumphs of this year?
🌔What have been major call to actions?
🌕Where do I land in business, love, relationship at this junction?

Come March 19, spring begins and newness emerges from the soil that has been amended from seasons such as this.

May we make more spaciousness to grow!


A Picean Meditation

This is an offering for you to immerse in the energy and gifts of the season. Anoint yourself with the Pisces oil that arrived in your box and click the link below.

Turn on this Meditation to begin: https://on.soundcloud.com/ZZEWd


Meditation offering in written format: Close your eyes or cover them with an eye mask. Invite the image of yourself as a seed.

"I am in the potent darkness of the soil. I am nourished by the rich nutrients deep inside the womb of the Earth."

Visualize soft tricking water sinking down onto your head and hydrating your seed body.

Begin, when you're ready to feel as the water encourages your well worn outer layer to unfurl, crack and fall away as roots begin to miraculously reach out of your seed body. These roots can drink up more water, and the incredible contents of your seed start to move and writhe. With this your body invites gentle movement. Take as much time as you need to feel each limb COME ALIVE with the sounds of the music. Your becoming is your feeling, at this moment. Follow the urges of your sensory intelligence. 

My God, you are beautiful, extraordinary, poignant. Repeat that to yourself: "My God, you are beautiful, extraordinary, poignant." try on saying it as an I statement, "My God, I am beautiful, extraordinary, poignant."

Drink in these words and feelings, until you are ready to sit down or settle into stillness again. The movement swirls into a luminous whirl and filters into your heart where you are always in divine dance with universal divinity. Sit in silence knowing you have access always, to this powerful force. 

Three deep breaths, open your eyes and resume your day from this eternal loving place, guided by your loving ancestors, angels and protectors. 


Some monthly practices to muse inside this seasons gifts: 


Subscription Box Contents:

Sun Spell body oil: St. Johns Wort is infused into this jojoba oil. This amazing herb is connected to Saturn and to the Sun. This oil will help to bring nerve feeling back to scars and parts of the skin that feel numb. It is also amazing for burns, as well as for the skin after sun exposure!

Scented Veil: This hair mist creates an aura of scent for your locks, while the Rosemary active ingredient helps to nourish and stimulate hair growth.

Pisces Essence: Grounding, comforting and sensual, this essence will activate the creative force within all of us. Close your eyes and apply to your lower belly, chest and neck while visualizing the void where all creation is born. See and feel your dreams into reality.