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1:1 Custom Scent Session

1:1 Custom Scent Session

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Have you ever wanted to create a perfume that smells unique to you, and crafted according to your personal tastes, intentions and purpose?

Perfumer and scentress of 10 years, Audrey Herrington will guide you with expert experience into making your next favorite fragrance.

Intuitive blending and professional formulation are the pillars of this work, and the 3rd and most crucial piece is your heartfelt intention and willingness to share your desires of a perfect fragrance.

Learn what goes into making a perfume, taking a hands on approach to your personal scent.

In a scent session you will:

  • Smell through many single note & accords to find your favorite components.
  • Smell carefully blended formulations on tester strips.
  • Choose an aroma for your space or something to wear on your skin.

Your fragrance formula will exist in our records for refills in the future. 

As always, send us a message for any questions or inquiries 

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