Intuitive Essence

Aromatics have the power to take many forms, and roles in our lives. If we would only just allow them to remind us of the Earth's ancient wisdom, connect us to our botanical ancestors, and assists us in tapping into our intuition.  

Intuitive Essence is an apothecary of creative fragrance and skincare that rises to the occasion to suit individual personality. IE's aromatic atmosphere focuses on channeling the power of intuition and nature for healing oil blends, bath & body creations, and cosmic fragrances. 

Hi! I'm Audrey Herrington, fragrance artist and alchemist of liquid healing! I compose the lotions, potions and oil blends that metamorphose into illuminated collaborations between botanicals and your skin.

My journey into this art form was love at first sniff, as I have always been a super smeller, and appreciator of all things fragrant. Through this medicine I open the door for you to tap into your intuition, with the help of our aromatic allies.